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Webcam is back up!

The webcam is back up again after a longer than I would prefer break - the delay was caused by the man in eBay, he forgot to post the computer. Oh, and then my people; being Mac people, couldn’t get the Windows on the computer to open or something, anyway there was a lot of muttering about “Microsoft this and Microsoft that”, but it’s all working again now, so lets hope this computer lasts as long at the previous one did.

While I’m here, here’s a tidbit for those into trivia and statistics - since my webcam has been running; March if I remember correctly, the little camera doing all the work has taken over 61,000 pictures of me!

Webcam is down again

I’ve had a couple of people ask me why the cam has been showing the same image for
a few days now, so I asked my people - the answer is the computer running the camera had a melt down after a power failure the other night.

Worry not my peeps, a new computer has been ordered from a place called eBay and all should be restored soon.

Webcam is down Sad

It may have come to your notice that today the webcam has been acting a bit strange i.e the same image showing over and now a “No Input Image Available” sign is up.

Last night we had a power failure at the clinic and that meant the camera and PC that operates it shut down, as no one at the clinic at the moment knows how to restart them the webcam will have to stay offline. It should be back up again tomorrow morning just after 10:00am.

Sorry for the disruption, if they showed me how to work the camera I could have got it going myself.

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