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Webcam Issues

A few gremlins crept into the webcam today and it was down for a few hours, It appears one of the computers involved in it’s operation was asking for better working conditions, sorry about that but I’m back now!

I’ve also heard rumours the camera will be moving to a more “Janet friendly spot” in the next few days, don’t know what that means, I guess we’ll find out in a day or so.


No Signal
My people have installed a webcam. At first this was just for them to keep an eye on me when they were at home, curious lot my people. Then they decided that my public might want to drop in and have a look, who am I to argue, I have an ego too.

They are still playing with the camera and software, tweaking a setting here and twiddling a knob there, it’s even possible the whole thing might collapse for short periods while they come to grips with the setup. But rest assured the webcam with be up and functioning again in no time. They have put a timestamp on the webcam image so you can see if I’m live or not and the Webcam image with automatically refresh every 5 minutes, so you won’t need to do anything when visiting the page.

I will get my people to add a Gallery for Webcam images of interest, so if you catch me doing something amusing or strange, please drop us a note via the Contact Me page stating the date & time, and if it’s suitable we will add it to the Webcam Bloopers Gallery - I’ll even credit you with the submission if you like.

My Blog!

Welcome to my new blog, in here I hope my people will post relevant feline based material including jokes, cartoons, useful web links, photos, videos and even some health tips from Dr. Sue maybe.

So please come back from time to time and you might find something interesting, educational or you might just get a giggle to brighten up your day.


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