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Janet F.A.Q.
Here are the answers to some of the more common questions my people are asked about me by visitors to the clinic. If you have a question you would like to ask feel free to Contact Me via my online form.

How come you live in a Vet Clinic?

One of Dr. Sue's clients was walking her dogs at the Tailrace Park just up the road from the clinic. Her dogs heard me make a noise from under the rock I was huddled in, so the lady thought she would do the right thing and took me to the clinic for a health check. The rest as they say, is history.

Janet, that's a strange name for a Cat?

Yes it might seem strange at first, but it's quite simple - I was named after the lady that handed me in.

How old were you when you were found?

Me as a kitten
I was particularly fragile, Dr. Sue suspected I was about 10 days old and weighed in at just 90 grams. But I was quite strong and healthy despite my fragility.

Do you like living indoors all the time?

Well technically I don't live indoors all the time, but I know what you mean.

So you do go outside?

Sure, there is a back door at the clinic and I go outside for a look around all the time, to catch some rays on the balcony and stalk the bird life - although they are pretty safe from me, no one taught me how to hunt effectively, but there is no need for the birds to know that.

Do you get bored?

Up in my lair
Not at all, I have plenty of things to keep me busy. I have a lot of toys to play with, hiding places galore, plenty of friends come visit me, my best mate Thomas the French Bulldog is here quite a bit and of course this web site doesn't organise itself. Thankfully my people have installed a nice cubby up near the ceiling that I can climb up to if i need some "Janet Time".

So no, I have no time to get bored.

So it's good living in a Vet Clinic then?

Well it's not all fun and games - you only need to sneeze near any of the staff and the rubber gloves come out. I guess that has it's advantages, I'm pretty healthy.

What's your favourite food?

I'm a meat girl - can't stand that fish stuff, my people get it for me from time to time, I just don't eat it, eventually they take it home for Harry & Dante and I get the meat variety again.

I have a mixture of dry and wet foods. For dry food they usually get me Purina or Optimum and when I get wet food it is usually sachets of Whiskas.

Of course I can't let a question like this go by without mentioning Feline Greenies, my people call it "Kitty Crack", don't know what they mean by that but it makes my mouth water and I will do just about anything for a few Greenies as a treat. They went off the market in Australia for nearly two years due to some quarantine issue, but now they are being made in Australia, believe me when I say I'm a lot less grumpy because of it, thank goodness for Greenies.

Don't you yearn for the company of other cats?

I live in a vet clinic !

Do you have a special friend then?

In fact I do, but he's, um, erm. . . . next question?

I like your webcam, do you find it intrusive?

Not at all, I thought it was a bit much at first, but it kind of appeals to me in an egotistical sort of way - so they can keep it installed . . . . . for now!

The webcam is very good quality, what model is it?

I'm not 100% sure on the technical aspect of the webcam, but I know it's not an off the shelf webcam like the kind made by Logitech. It is an older model Olympus digital camera that my people make work with some behind the scenes magic. I do agree though, it provides a nice sharp image. I know they have big plans for it in the near future, one of my people is into techno geekery.

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