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Gallery - Friends II

More of my Friends
This is my second Friends album, I like to keep it to about 20 images per album so the thumbnails don't take forever to load, as before please click on the thumbnail to view larger picture - Enjoy.
Baloo 01

Baloo - Mastiff X at 2 months

Baloo 02

Baloo - Same Baloo at 6 Months!

Boots Fellows 01

"Boots - Beagle

Cooper and Judi Glanville Lay

"Cooper' and "Judy" - Pugs

Doc Peel Head Shot

"Doc" - Great Dane

Tobi Peel Looking Up from Sleep

"Tobi" - Great Dane

George of the Jungle

"George" - Tawny Frogmouth

Whitey the Gekko

"Whitey" - Skink

Tensing Gorjup

"Tensing" - A Duck

Roxy Nash 1

"Roxy" - Hunterway X Blue Healer

Perkins Knott

"Perkins" - Burman

Peppa Davey

"Peppa" - Golden Retriever

Pademae Henry

"Padamae" - Domestic Medium Hair

Monty Cartledge

"Monty" - British Shorthair

Madison Bennett

"Madison" - Domestic Short Hair

Luka Farrell

"Luka" - Chihuahua

Lace Daniel in Shed

"Lace" - Collie Rough

Kosta Jordan and Thomas Putt

"Kosta" & "Thomas" - Bulldogs!

Jasper Holgate

"Jasper" - Domestic Medium Hair

Indy Moran

"Indy" - Ragdoll

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