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Gallery - Friends I

Some of my Friends
Please click on the thumbnail to view the whole image - I hope you enjoy the gallery - more images will be added soon. . . . I have a lot of friends!
Zorro Singh 01

"Zorro" - Golden Retriever

Floyd Hambly

"Floyd" - Giant Schnauzer

Nimah Lange

"Nimah" - Rat

Ziggy Berry

"Ziggy" - Cute!

Polly Hill

"Polly" - Maltese X

Harney Lloyd

"Harney" - Jack Russell Terrier

Chloe Poynter

"Chloe" - Poodle

Mr. Buster

"Mr. Buster" - Jack Russell X

Kazzi Mullen in boot

"Kazzi" - I was like that once!

Oscar Hill

"Oscar" - Shih Tzu X Maltese

Waldi Kropf

"Waldi" - Dachshund

Spud and Chip Redburn

"Spud" & "Chip" - Chihuahua X

Bobby O'Conner

"Bobby" - Springer Spaniel

Harmoney Blue and Beau Shelley

"Harmoney Blue" and "Beau" -

Khepi and Jenna

"Khepi" and "Jenna" - Basenji

Jessie Lanherr

"Jess" - Border Collie X Old English Sheepdog

Max Hay

"Max" - Maltese X Shih Tzu

Anne Moran

"Annie" - Shih Tzu X Maltese

Bart Maher

"Bart" - Bull Mastiff

Bella Hill

"Bella" - Shih Tzu X

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